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Award Nominations include:



SAG AWARDS - Burn Notice                        Best Stunt Team Ansamble


SAG AWARDS - Jurassic World

Best Stunt Team Ansamble


Emmy Awards - submitted by Sony for:

Bonnie and Clyde "Dead and Alive"

Best Stunt Stunt Coordination



                               about BILL SCHARPF

               Stuntman / Stunt Coordinator / Director / 2nd Unit Dir. / Producer


Currently President of The Scharpf Entertainment Group,  Bill has worn alot of hats  in his 25 years experience in the Entertainment industry.  Bill grew up in LaCrosse Wi. ;   an All Around Athelete in High School and Collegiate Ice Hockey.  Beginning his career in entertainment as a Professional Water Skier ,and performing for some of the most prestigious stunt action shows in the world.  He was also ranked 5th in the World in Freestyle Water ski Jumping. 


In 1990 he made the transition into film and Television as a stuntman.  After years of experience, he added Stunt Coordinator, 2nd unit Director, Director, Writer and Producer to his resume.  With more than 200 films, TV shows and commercials to his credit of which 35  are  as Stunt Coordinator, he has been fortunate to have worked as a Stuntman in some of Hollywood’s biggest major motion pictures.    In the last 5 yrs, Bill has been involved as a 2nd unit action director and Stunt Coordinator for Sony, Fox, many Independent films and MOW’s, and  SyFy channel creature features


He also Produced two films in 2007.  Unbeatable Harold, staring Dillon McDermott , Henry Winkler, Charles Durning, Phyllis Diller.   Bill then Wrote, Directed and Produced H2O Extreme.  Starring Chris Carmack, Rider Strong, Nikki Griffin, and John Schneider.  H2O Extreme opened up the Drake Film Festival in Naples, Italy.  His Production Company, the Scharpf Entertainment Group, also owns the rights to a number of feature length film TV series  properties that are currently in development. 

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